Black Simmental Donors.

MTTR Jenny 521W

A beautiful young cow with a famous big sister, DR Built Like A Dream. The Ruth family sold Built Like A Dream for $60,000 in the 2007 North American Select Simmental Sale in Louisville, Kentucky. She has since gone on to be a prolific donor cow for Sanders Ranch in Kansas. With Willie Altenburg we had the opportunity to purchase MTTR Jenny from Mick Meiklejohn, Colbran, Colorado for $10,000. MTTR Jenny will fit both programs very well with an outcross pedigree. She possesses tremendous depth of rib, correctness of feet and legs and beautiful femininity for her mass of body and muscle. Her EPD's are near ideal and provide many mating possibilities for the production of embryos.

ASR Ms Dessi U8154

Another ASR donor from the long line of the Desi cow family. A moderate female, sound footed, and a prolific embryo donor. She works with many sires in embryo transfer and has produced quality progeny at Bonnydale.

ASR Black Miranda Y1121

An ASR Pacesetter (out of the GLS S82 Jossie donor cow) and out of ASR Black Miranda, an ASR Little Bear daughter, who has 7 calves at 104 weaning ratio. This young cow is backed by a couple of Willie Altenburg's best cows.

Bonnydale Georgia C219

Arguably the best Black Simmental cow in Australia, she is an elite third generation donor and has become the cornerstone of the Bonnydale breeding program. Georgia is a productive, feminine, fertile cow with volume and capacity, she is structurally sound with good feet and legs. Her udder is well attached with small well placed teats and she has a wonderful quiet disposition.

Georgia has been genetically designed to enhance the Simmental breed, which in turn will produce progeny that will be beneficial to the advancement of the Australian beef industry. Georgia's individual scan data is outstanding – at 18 months she weighed 632kg – Scanned 117cm EMA and 5.5% IMF. Georgia's production record is unmatched and has produced numerous stud sire quality sons and elite donor quality daughters. Georgia is the dam of one time record priced Black Simmental bull at auction at $17,000.

Bonnydale Georgia C219
Dam; ASR Little Desi P420
Grand Dam; MLC Dessy K53

GLS S82 Jossie

Willie Altenburg purchased Jossie from Grass-Lunning Simmentals, Le Roy, Minnesota in the 2007 North American Sale in Louisville, Kentucky. Her first bull calf was ASR's high selling bull in 2009. Jossie is a powerful cow who quickly earned the right to become a donor at ASR has now made her mark at Bonnydale producing top selling sons and high performance daughters. Her genetic predictability will ensure a strong legacy in the Bonnydale herd through her daughters but more particularly through her two sons who are important AI sires at Bonnydale they are Knoxville and Tanker H200.

Bonnydale Lil Dessi D205

Lil Dessi D205 has been the quiet achiever in our donor program. She is a prolific producer of embryos and has been placed under more scrutiny than her famous half-sister, Georgia C219. Lil Dessi D205 has now cemented her place as one of Bonnydale’s leading donors having produced quality daughters and powerful sons whose performance is underlined by her own impressive set of EBV’s;

Top 1% Gestation Length
Top 1% Domestic Maternal Index
Top 1% Export Maternal Index
Top 1% Northern Terminal Index
Top 1% Vealer Terminal Index

Bonnydale Jossie G206

A young performance female out of GLS S82 Jossie and by ES Kilowat, a combination of a power cow and a maternal sire, she displays structural integrity, femininity and excellent temperament. Her first calf (2103) by Triple C Bettis is developing into a tremendous bull. This provides more evidence that she will retain her place in Bonnydale's strict donor program.

Bonnydale Glendive C200

Glendive was the first calf born to our Black Simmental program in 2007. She quickly developed into an outstanding feminine female producing numerous quality progeny through ET. Glendive is a productive cow with predictable genetics and displays excellent structural soundness which she consistently passes on to her progeny. She remains an important donor in our ET program and has two daughters which have joined the donor program.

Bonnydale Glendive G217

A young cow that displays tremendous structural integrity, femininity and powerful performance inherited from her dam, Glendive C200 and her sire HC Hummer 12M. Quality cows of the calibre of Glendive G217 are hard to find and with an excellent bull calf at foot, this ensured she would enter the donor program.

Bonnydale Glendive E239

Glendive E239 (Glendive C200 x Hummer) enters the donor line-up after producing three outstanding progeny. Her own EBV’s prove her status as one of Bonnydale’s best. Tremendous body capacity and length and structural soundness are at the core of her make up but when you add femininity, style and power you get an exceptional all round female.

ASR Black Carlene P421

ASR Black Carlene is a well proven matron with uniqueness of pedigree being a Desperado out of a PPSR Nophalt cow. Black Carlene has a production record of 106 on 4 calves. She just doesn't miss on her ability to raise a good calf. Extra length and depth of body would be the attributes that would best describe Black Carlene.

ASR Black Scamp N32

A daughter of long time breed favourite, Black Joker. Black Scamp is a power and muscle female.Her production record shows seven calves at weaning and a ratio of 104. We hand picked Black Scamp as a donor to produce outcross embryos to start a new family line at Bonnydale. We have calves on the ground in 2013 from TNT Tanker, Singletary and Kappes Trailblazer.

MLC Dessy K53MLC Dessy K53

Sire: WHF Desperado 212G Dam: Miss BR B Dakota B51 This young female is the "Power Cow" of the donor line-up. She will add muscle and power to every bull she is mated to, all this while retaining feminity and fertility. An impressive set of EPDs and sound structure and feet completes this superb package.

ASR Ms Desi Z213

Continuing a long line of the Desi cow family, her dam ASR Ms Desi P420, and grand dam MLC Desi K53. An RCR Augustus R54 daughter who caught Willie’s eye enough to flush as a two year old. She has a beautiful udder, quiet disposition, and ideal body type.

ASR Little Desi P420

Little Dessi P420 is out of the power cow MLC Dessy K53 and by the ASR’s maternal calving ease sire ASR Little Bear L126. She was selected as an 18-month-old in calf heifer at Willie Altenburg’s ranch to be a foundation donor for the Bonnydale program and has become the cornerstone of the Bonnydale herd. She has become the matriarch of her own powerful Bonnydale cow family and is also the dam of Georgia C219. She oozes class and femininity with powerful curve bending EPD’s, all traits that have been inherited by her daughters and grand daughters.

Bonnydale Dessy G228

Dessy G228 (Dessy D214 x Hummer) is a beautifully balanced female who displays calving ease, power and carcase and is descended from the power cow herself MLC Dessy K53. Her carcase data reveals a strong combination of muscle, fat and IMF while maintaining a very strong Retail Beef Yield EBV. Dessy will enter the donor program in 2014 to continue the Dessy legacy.