Herd Sires

Black Simmental Sires 

LRS Unlimited 752A 

LRS Unlimited 752A is one of five full ET brothers who created headlines at the 2014 Lassle Ranch Sale with Unlimited selling to Beggers Diamond V Ranch for $US20,000.

In 2015 Rob inspected his progeny with Willie Altenburg and confirmed him as having the best group of calves they saw on their extensive USA road trip.

Unlimited is moderate sized, deep bodied and having volume, capacity and thickness with great eye appeal. His calves displayed excellent weaning weight, capacity, softness, structure and docility.

 Rob was able to negotiate a deal to secure the semen rights for Australia. Unable to get his semen here in time for our 2016 AI program he was used extensively in our 2017 AI program and for the production of embryos for Bonnydale QLD.

Koch Big Timber 685D

An exciting new sire which Bonnydale Black Simmentals has acquired the Australian rights to in conjunction with Wombramurra Black Simmentals, NSW.

Big Timber offers potential improvements for every aspect of the beef business. With no pre-sale promo package and from a no frills, hard working Montana ranch, Big Timber has risen to the top of the pack the right way, he earned it.

Coming from a very large contemporary group, he had BW, WW and YW ratios all over 100 and literally blew them away with his ultrasound scan with an IMF ratio of 137 and EMA ratio of 110.
Sleek coated with sound structure, this big body capacity young sire has an enormously economical genetic package to offer the industry.

His EPD’s include; top 1% Calving Ease, top 4% Birth Weight, top 20% Milk, top 10% Stay, top 15% Docility, top 2% IMF, top 10% Shear-force and top 1% for both API & TI. Big Timber will be utilised extensively via AI in Bonnydale’s 2018 heifer mating program.

Gibbs 3009A Element

Gibbs 3009A Element - provides breed leading phenotype with curve bending performance and lights out end product value.

His EPD’s rank top 20% Yearling and Weaning Weight & Stay-ability, top 10% Docility, top 4% IMF, top 25% EMA, top 1% Shear-force, and top 1% API & TI.

His first USA progeny show tremendous body depth, muscle mass and added growth with sound feet and overall striking appearance. Backed by enormous maternal strength, out of a dam that was selected as the high selling pick of the herd in Gibbs Farms 2014 Sale and a grand-dam that has proven to be the most prolific cow in the Gibbs herd.

His first Bonnydale calves are due in February 2018.

RCR Augustus R54

In 2010, when in the USA, Rob visited Jeff Houck at Rock Creek ranch with Willie Altenburg. They saw outstanding daughters in production of both Augustus and his sire K31. They described Jeff as a masterful young breeder who as bred many of these females in his herd and noted that Augustus' dam was an exceptional cow. Willie was fortunate to secure this exceptional sire who was sound footed and powerful at six years of age. We had the opportunity to import semen for in herd use which was utilised in 2014 providing us with an excellent selection of sons on February 8th 2016. The feature lot is lot 3 Bonnydale Augustus L84, an impressively balanced sire who has it all and backed by an elite pedigree, power, maternal superiority, superb temperament and faultless conformation. A semen share will be retained by Bonnydale.

Bonnydale Kruiser

A powerful son of TNT Tanker and out of ASR Black Carlene. Kruiser has correctness of structure with exceptional style while possessing the sheer power of his sire. His first sons display the traits required to stamp their progeny to deliver optimal production.

His first daughters are feminine while displaying traits that will deliver future maternal powerhouses.

Bonnydale Black Hawk H274

We made the bold statement that we considered Bonnydale Georgia C219 as arguably the best Black Simmental cow in Australia, now we are prepared to go one step further and argue that her son Black Hawk H274, by Triple C Bettis, could be the best Black Simmental sire in the country. Having been genetically designed to make an impact on the Australian beef industry we believe he is on his way to becoming one of the most influential sires in the Simmental breed.

He stands on excellent feet and legs that proudly carry his tremendous length, thickness and capacity from his powerful hindquarter and strong top-line through to his smooth shoulders and superb neck extension. He is sleek coated with a very soft skin which confirms his do-ability. From the day he was born he had stud sire stamped all over him and his progeny have proven this as they were the standout group from our 2014 drop calves. His bulls carry the Black Hawk power and balance and his daughters carry the strong maternal characteristics passed down from his dam, Georgia C219.

His latest Breedplan data, with strong accuracies, confirms he is destined for greatness. Already a Trait Leader for 200 Day Weight (Top 5%), he also has Top 5% Calving Ease, Top 10% Birth Weight, moderate Mature Cow Weight, Top 1% for both EMA and RBY and Top 25% for Fat. When you add his Top 1% for all four Indexes and Docility we believe our statement is not so bold. 

Bonnydale Jim Beam

A proven son of the power cow Bonnydale Guava and proven sire Bonnydale Hells Canyon, an ES Dakota son who has left his mark in our commercial herd in particular his females. Hells Canyon now has five age groups of daughters in production with his sixth crop having just been weaned in December 2015. Jim Beam was retained as an outcross stud prospect and quickly earned the right to take his place in the stud. His stud progeny show all the attributes that made his commercial progeny shine, great females and heavy steers. Long as a train, structurally sound with a quality carcase and sound temperament are his hallmarks.

Bonnydale SA Tank K299

An impressive 3/4 Simangus sire by TNT Tanker with excellent carcase traits and powerful growth. His first crop of sons display excellent structure, finishing ability, growth and style.

His first daughters give the impression of stylish, productive and efficient matrons which the industry craves.

WC Wide Track 694Y 

2015 sees the first ET calves of new USA sire WC Wide Track 694Y at Bonnydale and they have delivered in spades. Wide Track is an outcross sire who offers strong performance data and flawless phenotype. His progeny in the USA are being admired for powerful bulls with muscle and mass and heifers that are structurally sound and correct. It is believed that Bonnydale will have the only Wide Track progeny in Australia. Fourteen sons will be offered on February 8th 2016 and prospective buyers can expect to find an outstanding selection with superb structure and feet, tremendous thickness and volume with carcase attributes to match, they scanned impressively for EMA, Fat and IMF together with excellent weight.

HSF High Roller 12T 

High Roller was used as an outcross sire in a flush program with ASR Ms Desi U8154. Five exceptional calves resulted with one young bull being retained for stud duties and two being offered for sale in February 2016. He is a strong maternal sire whose females are moderate framed with excellent udders.

TNT Tanker U263

Massively made adding volume and muscle to his progeny, perhaps no other bull puts as much explosive growth in such a moderate framed package. His first daughters show promise with nicely attached udders and small teats. Buyers have been impressed with his first sons offered at our 2013 bull sale.

ASR Augustus Z2165 -  (Junior)

Junior as he is known was bred by Willie and Sharon Altenburg and sold to a syndicate of prestigious USA cattlemen for US$29,750, he also has semen distributed by Genex CRI. Willie considered him a heifer bull prospect and we feel he has delivered that and used him extensively on heifers again in 2015.

Bonnydale SA Ideal J377

Simangus sire SA Ideal J377 was retained to contribute his tremendous phenotype and power to the herd. He demonstrates tremendous capacity and easy fleshing on a moderate frame with very sound structure.

Bonnydale Linebacker

A exciting son of outcross sire HSF High Roller 12T and out of the maternal powerhouse ASR Ms Desi U8154. Linebacker was in the top group of performers in his contemporary group and displays tremendous body capacity and softness with exceptional structural soundness. He was used over older females as a back-up sire to our 2016 AI program.

Bonnydale Augustus L84

Augustus L84 was the top selling sire at our 2016 sale going to Wombramurra Black Simmentals in NSW for $24,000. We retained a semen share in this exciting sire and his first calves are on the ground and look impressive. Wombramurra are expecting his first calves in February and we look forward to their feedback.

Bonnydale Wide Track L11

The standout son of the outcross sire W/C Wide Track’s team in our 2016 sale. The only reason he wasn’t retained for stud duties was because he carries the red coat colour gene being heterozygous black. We retained a semen share instead and used him over homozygous black cows and wait with great anticipation at what his progeny will deliver.

HC Hummer 12M

Hummer's multi trait superiority keeps his genetics at the forefront of the breed, Now deceased, Hummer has had a long lasting impact on the breed and was a foundation sire at Bonnydale for our black program. His progeny never fail to impress with a combination of calving ease, powerful growth, carcase and maternal excellence. Having such an influence on the herd we continue to use him where possible in our breeding program. Bonnydale has the largest inventory of Hummer semen in the world.

Bonnydale Tanker H200

One of the most impressive Tanker sons we have seen. He sold to Graeme Lloyd, Springsure, Queensland for the sale top price and Bonnydale retained a semen share. The combination of Tanker and power cow GLS S82 Jossie, provides a platform for exceptional performance. He combines growth and carcase power with length, structural soundness and all important sound temperament.

Triple C Bettis

Few sires in the breed can match his combination of excellent performance, calving ease, maternal and carcase merit. At Bonnydale he has delivered on all this and more. His progeny a super quiet and his daughters are truly magnificent young cows producing very well. His Breedplan EBV's and Selection Indexes are testament to the performance of this sire.

Bonnydale Black Simmentals 

Bonnydale Black Simmentals unprecedented “After Sales Service” program ensures clients maximise the benefits of using Bonnydale genetics. 

All sires sold are guaranteed for temperament, fertility and structural soundness.