Breeding Objectives

Our commitment is to produce cattle that calve easily, grow fast and efficiently, mature early and have a distinct end product value. We have a long held belief that the success of any livestock breeding program must have a solid female foundation to build great sires.

This is achieved by utilising a carefully structured breeding program that focuses on a combined evaluation of genetic performance, commercial observation and product integrity. We believe there is little if any justification for pure-bred commercial production systems.

Commercial cattlemen can create added efficiency and carcase value to their breeding programs by using Black Simmental or Simangus from Bonnydale.

Being situated in Western Australia provides positive health benefits for the herd which carries a “Johnes Free” status. The herd is QA accredited and is protected with an annual 7in1 vaccine program, annual parasite control, a BVDV vaccination and testing program and in addition all bulls are vaccinated against Vibrio. All bulls and females are sold under the “Zoetis Star” program.

Whole herd genetic performance utilises “Breedplan” with all calves weighed at birth while also being assessed for calving ease. All calves are weighed at weaning (200 days) and docility scored, weighed at 400 days and 600 days when they are ultrasound scanned for Eye Muscle Area, Rib & Rump Fat and Intramuscular Fat (Marbling). All bulls have scrotal measurement taken as a measure of fertility. Mature Cow Weight records are an important measure of female production efficiency. We have made a significant investment to also register our stud herd with the American Simmental Association to utilise their massive genetic evaluation system. This will allow us to directly compare our cattle within an evaluation that has over 16 million animals and adds nearly 400,000 head annually. This investment underpins our commitment to science in providing clients with even more confidence in the sires they select for their breeding programs.

Bonnydale Black Simmentals unprecedented “After Sales Service” program ensures clients maximise the benefits of using Bonnydale genetics. All sires sold are guaranteed for temperament, fertility and structural soundness.

This is underpinned by the stringent selection criteria applied to all sires selected for sale. Regular client contact and on farm visits is an integral part of Bonnydale’s customer service program.

Bonnydale Black Simmentals has a policy of not utilising sale credits, therefore prospective buyers at Bonnydale’s Annual On-Property Bull Sale can bid with confidence and can rest assured that no one bidding against them at the sale has a credit inducement providing them with an unfair bidding advantage.