Bonnydale Qld

The decision to develop a herd in Queensland was due to the considerable interest in Bonnydale Black Simmental genetics over the last couple of years. It just so happened that Queensland clients Jake and Emma Berghofer were interested in developing a Black Simmental herd. So after several phone discussions we decided there was an opportunity to work with Jake and Emma to capture the growing demand for Black Simmentals in Queensland.

In September 2016 Mike visited Jake and Emma to formalise a plan that both parties had been working on for some time. In mid-October Jake and Emma visited Bonnydale and spent a few days inspecting the herd and assisting with weaning calves. It soon became apparent to us that Jake is an astute cattleman and Emma while enjoying working with cattle was particularly capable with recording software, administration and accounting. We regard these combined talents as essential to managing a stud breeding program.

It is a big step for both parties but the result is a partnership where Jake and Emma will share ownership of the herd and manage the herd on their properties in Kingaroy, Queensland. Introvigne Grazing Company, ”Bonnydale Black Simmentals”, will supply all genetic material, foundation females and the expertise for the venture to be known as BONNYDALE QLD.

Embryos have already been implanted at Kingaroy with our recently selected young elite females to be flushed for a second round of implants this year. To add to this a selection of 2016 drop heifers are being prepared for shipment to Kingaroy in late February with more heifers being sent over the next few years. 

Photo: The selection of 2016 drop heifers being prepared for shipment to Kingaroy in late February.

While the Queensland herd is being developed, Bonnydale bulls will be sent to Kingaroy to be prepared for sale in Queensland to allow prospective buyers the opportunity to purchase Bonnydale bulls on their doorstep. In addition to Kingaroy, bulls will be sent, after vaccinations and acclimatisation, to Graham Lloyds, “Canopus Park” property at Springsure in Central Queensland. Graham will facilitate the sale of these bulls on our behalf at Springsure while Jake and Emma will oversee bull sales in Kingaroy.

It is an exciting time for both families and we look forward to introducing Jake and Emma to the many beef producers we have met and dealt with in Queensland over the years.

Introducing Jake and Emma.

Jake Berghofer and his partner Emma along with their 2 children (Angus and Elyse) run a 400 head commercial Simmental and Simbrah herd across 2 properties at Kingaroy and Eulo in QLD. 

 They first purchased Bonnydale Black Simmental yearling bulls in 2015 and were so impressed with them that discussions ensued to bring more Bonnydale genetics to QLD. Jake believes that Simmentals offer great versatility for the Eastern states markets with their excellent breeding characteristics and carcase values. 

Jake and Emma are very excited about the Bonnydale Qld partnership – not only allowing the spread of great genetics across Australia but also the opportunity to be mentored by the Introvigne’s.

Contact Jake and Emma

Jake - Ph: 0418 649 666  

Emma - Ph: 0429 622 809.


Spring Update 2017

The first of the Black Simmental ET calves born at Kingaroy, including the first calf by USA sire LRS Unlimited 752A.

The first LRS Unlimited 752A calf - a heifer.

LRS Unlimited 752A.

Our first 4 ET calves born for Bonnydale Qld.

Calves born at Bonnydale Qld.

Springtime QLD style!

We recently selected this group of elite rising 3 year old second calf cows to join our donor program. These exciting young cows having just had their second calf were assessed for structural integrity, performance of their first calf, phenotype and overall genetic merit.

These cows will be flushed for for our own program and to fill embryo orders. We believe these young cows have the genetic superiority to deliver us the next generation of elite ET calves. The resultant calves will be progeny tested alongside our USA imported ET calves.

Bonnydale Black Carlene K185

Bonnydale Georgia K105Bonnydale Georgia K171

Bonnydale Gypsy K222Bonnydale Jossie K115Bonnydale Lil Desi K183

The Bonnydale Connections

Back row – Diane Introvigne, Ian Collie (Eastern States Rep), Julie Introvigne, Simon Wilkinson – Elders Regional Manager Bunbury,                                          Jake and Emma Berghofer Kingaroy Qld new Bonnydale QLD partners, Bill Kessell Elders Bridgetown.                                                                                                                                         Front row – Graham Lloyd – Elders Springsure Qld, Rob Introvigne, Mike Introvigne .